Friday, 13 December, 2019
The Taxi Trade's Favourite Paper


Taxi Globe has a target audience of over 23,000 licensed Hackney Carriage drivers in London today. These drivers carry many passengers each year and are renowned for recommending good buys, good holidays or favourite restaurants to passengers.

Taxi Globe offers our advertisers the opportunity to presents their products and services to London's taxi trade at an economical rate. Why not call Jayne to discuss how you can advertise in Taxi Globe and reach London's taxi trade and beyond?

Jayne Notley
Group Sales Manager
Warners Group Publications Plc
Tel:01778 391189
Fax: 01778 392079


Page 550
Half page 300
Quarter page 175

26 issues 22% discount
13 issues 10% discount
6 issues 3% discount

Inserts: If you have flyers that you would like to insert into Taxi Globe please send a sample in for a quotation.


Full page: 265mm wide x 338mm high
Half page: (horizontal) 265mm wide x 165mm high
Half page: (vertical) 129mm wide x 338mm high
Quarter page: (portrait) 129mm x 165mm high
Quarter page: (strip) 265mm wide x 68mm high

Classified specifications

1 column wide 62mm
2 columns wide 128mm
3 columns wide 196 mm
4 columns wide 264mm

Cancellation: 4 weeks prior to deadline.
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